Thursday, March 8, 2012

Good Intentions

Tuesday was a beautiful day.  

With the high near 70 degrees, it felt much more like May than March, and the day begged for outdoor play.  So play we did, but with less than positive results.

You remember the mud pit in my backyard that beckoned to my children and caused them to roll around in it like half-drunk coeds?  Yep, it's still there. 

What about Lake MacForeman?  Yup, full o'water.  So in order to avoid a children-in-the-street incident, I packed them up and meandered about town until we found the first park with rock instead of dirt and no other children in sight.  Because as social as my children are, I would rather not have to issue any more public apologies for Cael and his lack of personal boundaries.

As we pulled up to the park, Cael and Graham started whooping and hollering, winding up like an old crank siren and equally as loud.  I was grateful that I'd chosen the most secluded park in town with no traffic on the street, as Cael ran at full-speed toward the equipment.

In order to fully appreciate this image, please refer to this clip from the show "Friends".

Yep.  Just like that.

Once Graham was out and on the loose as well, although at a much slower pace, I began to see that there were a few potential problems.  Let's tackle them in order of severity, shall we?

1)  The last time we visited a park, Graham was barely two years old, and lacked the bravery and chutzpa to mount the ladders and nets on the jungle gym.  At two and a half, Graham thinks he's The Incredible Hulk-- climbing with reckless abandon, jumping near the edge of steep drop-offs and exhibiting an overall disregard for his activity level and the difficulty of the equipment.

2)  It was muddy at the park, too.  Mud in the grass, melting snow, puddles of sludge and slush abound.  Muddy, murky, messy.

3)  Cael doesn't listen.  He's capable of course, but chooses not to listen.  And as irritating as that is, what would I blog about if it were any other way?

4)  I was having a really bad hair day.  This actually doesn't pertain to the story, but isn't that irritating?

Photobucket Photobucket

So with these truths in place, we stormed the playground equipment at precisely 11:05am.  I shadowed Graham every step of the way, rescuing him from the edge and a potential broken arm while doing my best to keep Cael on the premises.

We played tag, we climbed, we swung on the swings, we peeked at each other from the recesses of the jungle gym, and while I was helping Graham tackle the curly slide, it happened.

"Hey, Mommy!  Look at me!"

Cael had run up to the house closest to the park, and was in hill-rolling stance.  I knew how saturated the ground was and ordered him to return.

"No rolling.  It's way too wet-- come back here to the park!"

And in a miraculous and obedient turn of events, he immediately did turned and ran down the hill to continue assaulting the playground.  That is, until he slipped on some snow and fell, face first, into the dirt and slid four or five feet before stopping at the perimeter of the park.

So at precisely 11:15am, we loaded ourselves back in the car, mud and all, to change clothes before meeting Joel for lunch, and I mentally added one more truth to the list.

5)  The road to hell and, coincidentally, the road to the park, are paved with good intentions.

Anyone know how much AstroTurf costs?


  1. haha...what park did you guys end up at?

    Thanks for the tip on the camera too! My gut keeps leaning Canon but Lee is pushing for the Nikon so we'll see. I'm going to see which one "speaks to me" when I see them in person LOL.

    1. We went to Bryant Park (on the western edge of town, the left side of the V that is formed where Mt. Vernon Rd. veers off and toward CR. I hope you're liking the new camera!


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