Wednesday, March 7, 2012

McIsm of the Week

I have a vivid memory of begging my mom for the gel window clings that stores manufactured to celebrate every holiday.  I loved the look and feel of them but not once was allowed to get something so frivolous to adorn our window when we had wax paper and crayons at home.  Because that's the same, right?

So as a symbolic act of rebellion, I have always had a seasonal gel cling on our sliding door, and my boys have come to love the tradition of tearing down the old ones and picking out the next set.  Earlier in the month, I searched for some St. Patrick's Day clings but found that I do not have the luck of the Irish, and left the store with only a package for Easter.

But then, luckily, a flat envelope from Bamma arrived in the mail yesterday, and in it were two highly-sought after packages of St. Patrick's Day window clings.  They promptly went up, providing some seasonal symmetry to our dining room, and then we turned our attention to the other content's of Bamma's box.


My boys are now more inked than they were after Joel's week long mustache-a-thon, and don't hesitate to show any passers-by their new tats. 

"Papa, look at my tattoo!"

"Neat, Cael."

"It says, 'Kiss me, I'm Irish'."

(Insert kissing attack from Mommy)

"You can't kiss me, I'm Irish, remember?"

"Actually, you're English, French, German and Scottish."

"No I'm not, I'm Cael!"

Maybe we should stick to the window clings.

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