Friday, March 30, 2012

Rolling in the Deep (Grass)

How come children only seem to enjoy activities that are off-limits and/or dangerous?  I can tell already that Cael will be an adrenaline junkie when he's older, chasing his next fix of rushing train engines or amusement park roller coasters, and God forbid nothing illegal.  The only hope I have to cling to is that he's starting on a small scale, like we did this week when Cael announced that we were going to have a "roll-a-thon" down the small side hill in our yard.

So we rolled.

And rolled.

Rolled some more.

Kept on rolling.

And despite being dizzy and tripping over his feet, my feet and Graham's feet, Cael kept coming back for more. 

I might have looked like a fool, and we might have all been covered in grass stains, but that's okay.

That's just how we roll.


  1. I love the picture of you and Cael!

    1. Thanks! There were much more flattering shots of us, but at the last minute I realized he was sporting a giant booger in 90% of them. Yuck.

  2. LOVE the awesome pictures, cute video, beautiful memories Mary! Thanks for being such a neat example of how to treasure, love & have fun with your kids - you're a GREAT mom and Graham and Cael are blessed to have you! And Joel too :)


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