Wednesday, March 21, 2012


"Mommy, do you remember when I shot that dinosaur in real life?  When it was in the kitchen with claws and I took my toy (Nerf) gun and shot at it and it said, "Ouch, Cael!" and you gave me a timeout because I was shooting at people like I'm not 'sposed to?"

"And then the dinosaur came after me because I guess I missed it or something, so I told it to go get Graham.  And Graham was playing with the buckets in the basement, so you covered up the dinosaur with one of those big buckets so he couldn't get away?"

"And Mommy?  Mommy?  The dinosaur was red and purple with a huge green tail and it smelled really bad like Graham's diaper!  But I like green and-- hey, green is my fav'rite color!  And the dinosaur was really scary and it was real, you know?  The dinosaur had really sharp teeth like those scissors.  Not my green scissors, your grown-up scissors on the counter.  Hey!  My scissors are green like my fav'rite color, too!"

"So what are we having for breakfast?  Can we have cereal?  I want to have-- oh, that dinosaur!!!  Did you forget about the dinosaur?  I almost forgot about the dinosaur.  He wouldn't like cereal because that dinosaur only eats bugs and candy.  They don't like breakfast stuff because it's not bugs or candy.  Did you know that dinosaurs like candy?  I knew that.  I'm a genius."

"Then the dinosaur was on FIRE!  And I have a firetruck in the backyard so me and Graham are good firemans.  So we put the fire out even though it was just a pretend fire, so you don't need to be sad.  I told Graham the fire was real and he cried so I gave him a hug, but then he hit me so I told him he couldn't be a fireman anymore and he cried again."

"Graham's just not a good fireman, Mommy."

"But the dinosaur wasn't on fire anymore, so I gave him one of my wood trains and he flew away.  But now I want that train car back.  The one with the whistle, okay?  How do I get it back?"


"Cael, I'm pretty sure none of that happened."

"Yeah.  I'm pretty sure it did."


Leave your own "ism". Cael and Graham double-dog dare you.