Favorite Posts

Looking for the best of the best?  Check out the following posts that have become my favorites (and yours).

August 2012
Evolution of an Inside Joke - Twenty-five in the crotch.
Back to School - Cael begins another school year.
Compilation Album - Songs of the Mistaken.  Buy now.

July 2012
Littlest Comic Standing - Cael channels Jim Gaffigan.
Three Little Words - Graham drinks from the toilet.
How to Change a Diaper - Step-by-step instructions.

June 2012
The Seven Year Itch - How Joel and I met.
The Many Faces of Cael - Cael makes faces.
The Many Faces of Graham - Graham returns the favor.

May 2012
Jazz Math - Cael plus Graham equals craziness.
A Day in the Life - Part One - A morning and lunch in my home.
A Day in the Life - Part Two - Afternoon and evening.

April 2012
Everything in Moderation - A big delivery.
Couple's Retreat - Taking time for my marriage.
Driver's Miseducation - Cael goes for an unexpected drive.

March 2012
Out of This World - Cael and Graham learn about Astronomy.
Ressurection - Jesus returns!
News Flash - All the news that's fit to report.  

February 2012 
Market Meltdown - A public apology.
Going Viral - Some new internet sensations.
iDeath Notice - Saying Goodbye to my iMac. 

January 2012
Class of 2011 - A year in review.
The Train to Heaven - Remembering my mother.
Step Right Up! - Mustaches, mustaches, mustaches.

2011 Favorite Posts

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