2011 Favorite Posts

December 2011
Christmas Confessions - Cael finds out that Santa is watching.
Say What? - Jesus has an accident.
A Christmas Miracle - Cael gets a Christmas morning surprise.

November 2011
Foreman-O-Lantern - I do some creative carving.
Holiday Sentiments - Taking a holiday photo is easier said than done.
Easy as A-B-C - Graham shows off his skills.

October 2011
Supermarket Sweep - Clean up in aisle three!
Four Years of Cael - Celebrating Cael's 4th birthday
Sincere Apologies - Cael says "I'm Sorry"

September 2011
After A While, Crocodile - A tribute to our gator.
Teacher's Pest - Cael has a few question for his new teacher.
Growing Up and Letting Go - Cael's first day of school.

August 2011
Not-So-Smart Phone - An autocorrect disaster.
Compromising Positions - Bloose and Barker get friendly.
Closet Time-Out - Cael goes missing after I make a big mistake.

July 2011
Four-Letter Words - Cael invents some mew profanity.
Lets Go to the Movies - Graham can't "stomach" his first movie.
All Aboard! - Cael's train dream come true.

June 2011
Not That Kind of Animal Lover - Meet the furry members of the family.
Hurricane Cael-Trina - Cael ransacks the house one Saturday morning.
Cael's Signature Offense - Cael gets friendly with Mr. Religious.

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