Thursday, September 8, 2011

Teacher's Pest

While getting Cael ready for his first "real" day of school this morning, he had just a few questions.

"Mommy, will they still have those trains at preschool?"

"I'm sure they will, Cael.  But you can't play with them whenever you want.  You will have to follow your teacher's directions, and she may want to do other things sometimes."

"Where is my teacher?"

"Right now?  She's probably still at her house.  School doesn't start for another hour or so."

"Does she like trains?"

"I don't know, you will have to ask her yourself." 

"Can you call her now?"

"No, honey, that's not polite.  You can ask her at school." 

"Is she at home going potty and eating cereal, too?"

"I have no idea, Cael."

"Can I ask her about going potty, too?"

"No, Cael.  Please don't ask her if she went potty."

"Not now.  I'll ask her at school."

"Not ever, Cael.  You don't talk to people about going potty." 

"But you told me to go potty downstairs!"

Yikes.  I hate when he's right.

"Okay, you got me.  It's okay for parents to ask kids if they went potty."

"Do you think her mommy asked her?"

"Whose mommy?"

"My teacher's mommy.  I want to see if her mommy called her this morning.  If her mommy called her about going potty."

"No.  No questions about pottying." 

"Why not?"

"I told you already, but there are lots of things you could ask her about."

"Like trains?"

"Yes.  Like trains, or your letters and numbers, or about books."

"Do they have the potty book at preschool?"

Gee, I wonder where this is going.

"I don't know, Cael.  You can read that book at home, though." 

"Maybe I should bring it to preschool."

"You don't need it.  You already know how to use the potty."

"Does my teacher know how to use the potty?"

"Yes, Cael."

"Maybe I could ask her--"

"--NO, Cael.  Maybe you shouldn't ask her any questions today.  You can think about what to ask her on Tuesday."

"Like about going potty?"

Yep, Cael.  Just like that.

"Are you excited for your first full day of preschool?"

"Will I be there all day long?"

"No, just for a few hours, and you'll have a great time."

"Can I bring some Banana Cheerios?"

"They will give you a graham cracker snack when you're there, honey."

"What if I need to go potty?"

"Then you go potty in the bathroom."

"Where is the bathroom?"

"I showed it to you the other day, but if you can't find it the teacher will help you."

"But does she know how to potty?  Maybe I should ask her."

"Oh, Cael...."

Good luck, little man.  Please don't get arrested.


  1. Oh my! Good luck Cael and Mommy! I hope he has an awesome first day!

  2. That's totally adorable.

  3. How does your head not explode?! :-)


  4. Sarah- He had a great day, but every time I ask him wheat he did he says, "Nothing". Guess I'd better get used to that.

  5. Shawna- sometimes I feel like it might! He was so excited today, though, that it was still cute. He's lucky!


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