Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Caelism of the Day

I dyed my hair on Monday night.  I've always colored it, but years of processing have made it brittle and prone to breaking apart, so I thought it was time to switch to a non-permanent option.

But what color?

I picked up a box labeled "Light Reddish Brown".  Sounds about right, doesn't it?  The sample color box showed a tone only slightly darker than my regular color but not any redder in tone.  Perfect.

The next morning, after my hair had dried and I was able to survey the damage, Cael gave me his two cents.

"Mommy, your head is bleeding!"

"No it's not, Cael.  I colored my hair and it's a little too red."

"No, Mommy... its blood.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of bloody blood."

"It's not blood, but thanks for confirming that I got the color wrong."

"Yep, it's blood."

So I got the color wrong, big deal.  It's only semi-permanent, so I can try another color in 28 washes.  (Side note-- is it possible to wash one's hair 28 times in one day?)  But when Cael woke up on Tuesday, he reminded me again that my hair was bleeding.  And when I was pulling my (bloody) hair into a ponytail this morning, I knew what was coming.  Sort of.

"Mommy, look at your hair."

"Yeah, I know, Cael.  You think it looks like it's bleeding." 

"It looks weird.  Your hair looks really weird."

"I've got it.  You think it looks weird."

"But I still love you!"

"I love you, too.  You're lucky you're cute!"

"I am cute.  And my hair doesn't look like it's bleeding."

"Lucky you."

"You know what your hair looks like, Mommy?"



  1. I think the color is cute! ...maybe it looks more "bloody" in real life :-)


  2. It's SUPER red in real life. I don't think it looks like blood exactly, but it's definitely not natural. And if Cael doesn't approve, there's no hope!

  3. I actually think it looks pretty good. Kids are overly inventive lol

  4. Thank you! I do like it, but don't want people to look at me and immediately think, "Whoa-- thats fake!!". ;)


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