Friday, September 23, 2011

A Very Merry Un-Birthday

Well, we made it to Graham's birthday.  I have frosting in my hair and fondant in my ears, but I did manage to decorate a cake that I think he will love.  Now I'm off to wrap the gifts, plan a dinner and read a book or two about better time management.

But Graham couldn't seem to grasp his age this morning.  I tried to take a quick video to remember the occasion, but in the end I was so confused that I didn't know if he was two or five.

No one was more confused than Cael, though, who this morning woke up and came running into my room as if the house were on fire.


"What, Cael?"

"Is it Graham's birthday?"

"Yep, it is!"

"On this day?"

"Yes, Cael.  On this day."

"Why is he still sleeping?"

"I guess he's tired, honey.  He'll be up soon."

"Wake him up now!"


"I want to see that he's two!"

"Cael, he won't look any different.  You don't grow one whole year overnight."

"So he's not older?"

"Well, yes, he's older, but he won't look different."

"But he doesn't look like a baby anymore."

"That's because he's grown slowly over two whole years."


And with that, he scurried off.  I got him dressed and headed into Graham's room to hose down the birthday boy who had produced a very festive "buh poo".  Once clean and ready, we came into the kitchen where Cael was anxiously awaiting Graham's arrival.

"Happy Birthday, Graham!  It's your birthday!"

But immediately his face fell. 

"Nope, nevermind.  You still look one."

"Twoeee!"  Graham shouted.

"Nope.  Not your birthday today.  You're still the same.  Just one.  Nope, sorry."

"Nooooooo!" Graham cried. 

Thanks, Cael.  Happy Birthday, Graham.


  1. Happy Birthday Graham! That video was priceless, he is such a cutie!

  2. Thanks, Reane! I took four videos of him trying to get him to say that he was two, and in the end I decided to put them all together!


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