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Can't get enough?  I know what that's like.  Sometimes I can't get enough chocolate or enough cheesy reality tv.  If you asked Cael and Graham, I'm sure they'd tell you that they can't get enough trains, Fruity Cheerios or bathroom humor. 

And while this isn't a blog about bathroom goings-on, I can't promise that it won't come up.  I have kids, after all.

So here are some other ways to get your fill of our daily antics.  Pick and choose or like 'em all!

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Or stay right here and let me dish it out to you like I feed my kids each and every day.  I sure hope you have better manners than Cael and Graham.


  1. Just followed you on Pinterest!
    Hey and I want to say thank you Mary for introducing me to pinterest. I remember you posting about it on your blog saying "do not click this link if you need sleep" and something along those lines. Anyways, I took it as a dare and entered the world of pinterest. It was love at first sight! *sigh* I should have taken your advice ;)

    1. I saw the notice that you're following me... thanks! Yes, Pinterest has been a singular downfall in my weight loss efforts and my nightly sleep! Good luck- it's addicting!

  2. Mary, I love the look of the new and improved blog! You are so talented with everything you do! I never get sick of reading these stories, even though I see most of them live.


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