Thursday, September 1, 2011

Caelism of the Day

Sometimes I have trouble coming up with ideas for breakfasts for the boys.  The same can be said of lunch or dinner, of course, but breakfast in particular poses a challenge because I'd rather not serve things daily that are slathered in syrup. 

So today I baked fresh muffins for the kids, complete with a little bit of homemade streusel topping.  (That's better for them than syrup, right?)  The boys and I sat down to a blueberry muffin fresh from the oven, and the silence in the room told me that they were a hit.  After each had demolished a muffin, Cael analyzed his breakfast.

"Mommy, that was a yummy breakfast."

"I'm glad you liked it, honey."

"I like the crunchy part on top the best."

"That is good.  It's called streusel."

"No, not the streusel.  The top!"

"Okay, the top.  Are you glad I made that?  You weren't so sure when I was putting it together."

"Yep, I'm glad.  I really like muffin tops!"

Wow.  He's gonna make some average-sized woman really happy.


  1. Love it! This also reminds me that I haven't made muffins in a long time. Liam had a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast :)

  2. Hehe...Cael and I would get along just fine I think :-)

    When Raya has muffins for breakfast she calls them cupcakes. I can see how she'd be confused though because I *have* let her eat a cupcake for breakfast before during one of my weaker moments LOL


  3. You know what, Liam probably LOVED the grilled cheese as much as anything! I do like making the muffins, though, because they take a little time and help stretch out our morning. The kids love to help pour the batter into the paper cups, too.

  4. Shawna- I can see the cupcake connection. In fact, Sawyer used to tell Emily I gave him cupcakes for breakfast and I'd have to try to explain that at the end of the day!


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