Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Confessions

I know, I know.  I didn't post anything yesterday.  And to the nine of you that emailed me to make sure I was okay, I appreciate the sentiment.  It was creepy, but appreciated.  Thankfully I am okay, but was unable to post because our internet signal has been MIA for two days now. 

I've put in a call.

And since I'm posting this S.O.S. from my cell phone, you'll have to bear with me for the lack of photos.  My cell phone does a lot of things I need and a great many things I don't want it to do, but it is not sufficient for the ins and outs of blogging.

Cael, meanwhile, couldn't care less whether the internet works.  His only concern yesterday was regarding a song he'd heard in the car while a local radio station played nonstop Christmas music.

"Mommy?  Can Santa really see me when I'm sleeping?"

"That's what I've heard."

"But... is Santa in my room at night?  Does he sleep in Graham's bed?"

"No, honey, he's not standing in your room.  But he does know if you're being a good boy or if you're doing naughty things."

"Did Santa see me when I pushed Graham?"

"I'm sure he did.  I bet that's not what you want him to see, right?"

"No.  I want Christmas presents."

Lesson learned... or so I thought.  Instead of the change of heart I was hoping for, Cael used Santa as an excuse to confess all of his undesirable actions.

"Did Santa see me sneak in the closet and play with the pool balls when Daddy was taking a nap the other day?"

"I guess so.  You should remember that next time you think about messing with those pool balls."

"Mommy?  Did Santa see me honk Oscar's nose?  Or did he see me eat all of that candy when I went upstairs to get a drink?  Or those crackers?"  Just as I was trying to compose a response to any and all of those offenses, a look of horror crossed Cael's face.

"Oh, no."

"What else did you do, Cael?"  I was afraid to ask.

"Did Santa see me poke Kitty in the bottom with that drumstick?"

"Cael!  You don't EVER poke kitty in the bottom-- with anything!"

"But did Santa see?  Did he watch me do that bad thing?"

"I'm not worried about Santa right now.  I'm worried about the cat, and I'm worried about your behavior."

"Don't worry about it.  I think Santa thought it was funny.  I bet it was one of the reindeer games."

I sure hope not.  Rudolph's been through enough.


  1. LOL...I think Santa needs to rinse his eyes out with soap after checking in on you guys :-)


  2. your posts always crack me up. omgsh! lol. the movie fred claus has a really good explanation for how santa sees you if you, in case this ever comes up again. lol. it has a big snow globe in the middle of the room and santa says your name and can see you through the snow globe. :)

  3. Ha Ha poor kitty! I guess better the kitty than his brother's bum! Maybe your need a Elf on the Shelf. We have one to watch over good and bad behavior during the holidays.

  4. Shawna- You're totally right. I also think Santa may be adding a bit of rum to his hot cocoa this year.

  5. Amanda- I'm glad you like the blog! I will totally be using that explanation with Cael... I think Joel might even have Fred Claus DVRed!

  6. Heidi- Yes, you're right- Graham outranks the cat! I just the other learned about these elves on the shelf and I think I do need one! I can use any help I can get!


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