Monday, December 5, 2011

Caelism of the Day

When he's not busy engineering train collisions or eating "pretzels", one of Cael's favorite things to do is to look through photos and movie clips of our family on the computer.  Not surprisingly, he is most entertained by videos of himself, and he seems to be fascinated by the idea that there was a time, not so long ago, when he didn't exist.

"Before you got me, did you still play with Graham?"

"Nope.  You came before Graham, honey.  Before you were born, we lived in another house and I worked all day."

"And then you got me?"

"I didn't really 'get' you.  You remember how it works, right?  The mommy grows the baby in her belly until the baby is ready to come out."

I showed Cael a picture of me in labor at the hospital and told him about how it takes a lot of work to have a baby.

"Were you happy to get me?  You look mad."

"Oh, I wasn't mad, but I was really tired.  I couldn't have been more happy to have you.  You are one of the best presents I've ever gotten."

"I was a present?"

"Of course!  You were a present from God."

"Did I have a bow on me?"

"No, you weren't wrapped.  But I was SO happy to get you.



"I don't want to get a baby for Christmas."

"Okay, Cael.  I'll tell Santa."

"Tell him I'd rather have a train."


  1. LOL oh the baby talk! For the past couple months, Izzy has been OBSESSED with babies -- that they are born, that they are little, that she used to be one, that Zoe was one, that Garrett is one, that Garrett was in my belly, and that Garrett is no longer in my belly. She also thinks babies come out of their mommy's butt. I'm trying to correct that without opening up a whole different can of worms... sigh. LOL!

  2. Natasha- The whole birth concept is such a lost cause. Cael knows that the baby grows in the mommy and that she has to push hard to get it out, but he doesn't get that it takes a long time to make the baby. Every time we talk about it he says, "Push one out now, Mommy! I want to see!"

    First of all, NO. Second of all, I'm not a chicken.


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