Thursday, December 8, 2011

Abstract Art

When I pick Cael up from preschool, he almost always has some art project to share with me, and the enthusiasm with which he announces it tells me he is very proud of his accomplishments.  But more often than not, his artistic vision is a little bit more "abstract" than "realism".

Joel will be the first one to tell you that he did not inherit the artistic gene from his parents, and from previous artistic impressions of cars and circles and what-the-heck-is-thats,   didn't think Cael got one either.

But when he pointed to his painting hanging on the wall with those of the other preschoolers, I immediately noticed that his stood out.  The others students had made a big puddle of red fingerpaint in the center of the page while Cael, in his infinite creativity, streaked the paint down the page, filling the canvas with color.  Even more striking than his artwork, however, was his interpretation.

"I love your painting, Cael!"

"Thank you.  It's a picture of rain falling down."

Whoa.  That was deep.  Could I have a budding artist on my hands?  Could his artistic potential have been been lurking there behind the surface, distorted by trains and dirt? 

"Or it could be pee in the potty."

Back to the drawing board.

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