Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Caelism of the Day

Dear God, 

"Thank you for a great day.  Thank you for having that red jelly on my toast at breakfast and thank you for going to preschool and thank you for wearing my new shoes --not the brown ones, Mommy, the black and red ones, those are my favorite-- and thank you for a present for the teachers and thank you for ringing the bell and saying "Merry Christmas!" and thank you for seeing two trains and that big white dog, even though the train was short and we missed the engine at the front.  Why did you miss that, Mommy?  And thank you for having soup for lunch with those big crackers, and thank you for watching Curious George before my nap but I didn't want to take nap-- I don't need a nap!  And thank you for playing with Ethan and Keaton and hiding in Graham's room-- Mommy, why didn't you tell me that you had big wood blocks in there?  Thank you for going into town and having that chicken for supper with the apples and the chocolate yummy thing that Daddy shared with me, and thank you for going to Home Depot and looking at tools and thank you for seeing Santa-- he wasn't the real Santa, but he had a big hair on his face like Santa and thank you for the candy cane Santa gave me.  Where IS that candy cane?  Did Oscar eat it?  He's not supposed to eat people food, but why you give him chicken sometimes, Mommy?  Thank you for getting groceries at Walmart and holding those chocolate chips in the cart and thank you for coming home and playing with the cardboard train and thank you for brushing my teeth with the purple sparkle toothpaste and thank you for finding Bloose so I could sleep with him and thank you for reading the Elmo potty book-- I guess Elmo isn't a big boy like me because I use the potty and he doesn't so he must just be a baby like Graham-- and thank you for saying my prayers. 

"Is that everything, Mommy?"

"Please keep us safe, healthy, give us good dreams and a good day tomorrow.  Amen."

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"I really love the Polar Express." 



  1. Oh my goodness that is adorable!!!

    Shawna www.nopaparazziplease.blogspot.com

  2. Love it! That is a great prayer. We also love the Polar Express!

  3. Thanks, Shawna! I tried to remember it exactly how he said it, and I think this is pretty close!

  4. Heidi- The Polar Express is more of a lifestyle than a movie around our house. Glad we're not the only ones!


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