Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Littlest Comic Standing

I'm about to jinx myself.  Are you ready?

Things have been pretty slow around here lately.  There have been no major injuries, felonies or tragedies to document.  And for a brief moment, I was worried that we'd lost our edge-- that my boys had teetered over the edge and become normal.  But just as I began to question the sustainability of this blog, Cael reminded me that he is anything but a normal kid.

I could provide a million reasons to support that claim.  If I had the time and could afford the ink, I'd type them all up and have them printed and bound like the "scholarly articles" I buried my nose in during my senior seminar in college.  The only difference is that my final paper in that course, "The Effect of Facial Symmetry on Attraction and Mate Selection", was 76 pages long, and a compilation of Cael's quirkiness would easily top 300 pages.  Easily.

But I don't have that much energy, so today I refer you to Reason #127, the fact that my four year-old has taken to reciting bits from Jim Gaffigan's comedy routine about Hot Pockets.  (More specifically, the part where he talks about buying toilet paper.)

Granted, his delivery is a little unorthodox, but maybe the squirmy lack of eye contact is the newest rage in stand-up comedy.  (Skip ahead to 2:20 to see the part of Jim's routine that Cael is mimicking.)


Or maybe the kid is just not normal.  Either way, I think he's awesome just the way he is.


  1. so cute! and we love jim gaffigan!

    1. Yep, he's hilarious! My nephews are always reciting this Hot Pocket bit, and Cael has certainly picked up on it!


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