Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Story Time

"Cael, I tell you a story."

"Okay, Graham."

"It's a story.  I a big, big bear and you is a birdy.  And, and, and... you is flying up in the sky really high, and I'm a big bear, so I jump up into that sky and catch you with my teeth.  My teeth is SHARP!  And purple!  I have purple teeth!"

"Wait, Graham.  Can I have green teeth?"

"NO!  Birds don't have green teeth.  Only bears has purple teeth!"

"Jeez.  Fine."

"So I jump high in the sky and gets you in my teeth.  I not eat you, because you taste yucky.  You tastes like potatoes.  I don't like potatoes, but I like peas and corn.  And candy!  Cael, do you like M&Ms? or potatoes?"

"I like M&Ms!  But I like potatoes, too.  But I don't like peas and corn.  Those are yucky.  I like pizza."

"I not like pizza... bears don't do that."

"So where did I go after you didn't eat me?"

"What?!  You silly, Cael."

"In your story, Graham."

"OH!  I not eat you, so you flied away and got a mountain lion!  And the mountain lion was stinky like poop because it eated potatoes.  And the mountain lion catched you and ate you and it was gross and you had blood."



"And did you cry?"


"Did I cry?"

"No.  You was dead."

The end.


  1. Whenever I seek a smile or even a belly laugh I find your blog. Thank YOU!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm glad my utterly bizarre life has been as funny to everyone else as it has seemed to me! I was always worried that no one would relate! :)


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