Thursday, July 19, 2012

Very Punny

My Dad is well-known for his unique ability to wilt a room with his bad puns.  They're well executed, granted, but as all puns strive to do, his elicit groans and shaken heads as effortlessly as Graham can with one blast of gas.

In fact, Joel's first real experience spending time with my Dad without me took place the summer before our senior year of college, and while on their way into town to get a bite to eat, Papa hit my future husband with the first of many puns.

"See that over there?" Dad asked as he motioned to the municipal airport down the street.  On the horizon, Joel could see the remnants of the large air show that had concluded the day before.  All that remained were parking signs and some partially disassembled white tents.

"You know what they call it when they take everything down?"

"What?" Joel asked, not realizing that he was on the cusp of an unfortunate discovery about my family.

"Past tents."


He still married me, obviously, so he's a pretty forgiving guy.  And as much as he'd probably want me to maintain his privacy, I have to admit that he has been known to engage in a few pun battles himself.  While he's good, however, no one can beat the master. 

Except maybe Cael.

This morning, when Papa stopped by for a quick morning visit on his way to the store, Cael lead him to the kitchen to show him a craft project he'd completed at vacation bible school last night.

"Look, Papa!  I gave the bug three eyes!!"

"That's very silly."

Although tickled by the prospect of having three eyes, Cael understood the improbability of that outcome and looked for an alternative place to stick the googly eye.

"I can put it on his arm.  Or on his tummy.  Ooh Papa, I'm going to stick it on his bottom!"

And then it happened.

"You know what that is, Cael?  Hindsight."

Dear Lord, please let this not be genetic.  Amen.

"Papa, what is hindsight?"

"It's when you remember things clearly that happened in the past."

"Oh, okay.  Hindsight is remembering that when I put an eye on a bug's bottom, you say something weird and Mommy laughs at you.  Got it."

And I think he really does.

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