Tuesday, March 20, 2012


There's only one bad thing that can be said about a March weekend spent at an indoor waterpark.

"Cael, don't pull down your swim trunks in public!"

Okay, I guess there are two things.

The second thing is that the warm heat of an indoor park is a bit less enticing when the temperature outdoors is a balmy 82 degrees.  On any other day, I'd be spending every available moment outside, soaking up the unseasonable sunshine.  But last weekend we were happy to forego the warm March day to spend the weekend with great friends and soak up chlorinated water instead.

This trip to Grand Harbor Resort was a repeat of a trip we took two years ago when Cael was Graham's age, and Graham was a lump of belly and toes that slept almost nonstop thanks to the roar of the water and the stifling humidity inside the park itself.

Cael, on the other hand, cried incessantly at the mere thought of water in his face, let alone near his ears or in his hair.  It took more than encouragement to send him down the waterslide, or in the path of a trickle of water-- it took brute strength.

As we got settled into our river view hotel rooms this weekend, I was so hopeful that this visit would provide more actual water play, way less sleeping, fewer Little Swimmer diapers filled with "number two" and just as much laughter as the previous trip.  We dug out our swimsuits and I knew everything would be alright when Cael found a little piece of home.

"Mommy, a train.  Mommy, an engine.  Mommy, on a bridge!!"

I think it was a good omen.  Graham whipping out my bra and wearing like a flotation device?  Not recommended.

The first afternoon spent in the water was a blur.  As predicted, Cael was still very hesitant around the water and didn't want to leave the zero-grade entry and baby slide.  But Joel in his equally stubborn way wanted both of our boys to push themselves and experience the thrill of the water slides and the challenge of the lazy river, so spent most of Saturday emotionally bouncing back and forth until he finally gave in and went down the slide himself. 

"I did it!  I went down the green slide all by myself!  I'M A GENIUS!"

I'm not sure that qualifies as genius-level bravery, but I was definitely proud of him.  Meanwhile, Graham had gone solo down the slide twice, had joined a water polo team and signed up for the 2012 Olympics in London.  I think his best event will be the backstroke.  Or maybe explosive pooping.  We'll see if they get enough entrants.

The boys crashed hard that night.  I'd tucked them in under the covers with Barker and Bloose only to return from our adjoining room to find them passed out halfway through a rousing game of Twister.  I peeled them off of one another and settled into my rock hard bed for a nice night's sleep.

Right foot red.

In the morning, we had a couple of hours left in the waterpark before we had to check out of the hotel.  We spent them sliding, swimming, "hot tubbing" and inner-tubing around the lazy river before we had to head up to our room.  But before we could leave, we had to stand under the bucket.

At the top of the large climbing apparatus where the slides begin, there is a huge bucket that slowly fills with water and dumps out every eight minutes.  We had spent much of the trip avoiding the bucket dump, because getting caught under it meant losing your footing, losing a contact, or possibly losing your swimsuit.  But since we'd taken advantage of everything else the park had to offer, it was a good send-off from the Grand Harbor Resort.  And probably a guarantee that Cael never sets foot in water again.

After a nice lunch, it was time to return home and to the crazy March heat.  In the car with full bellies and their stuffed friends, Cael and Graham once again lost their battle with sleep.

Photobucket Photobucket

We had a wonderful time with great friends, and we truly felt like we'd filled our spring break with activities that we can look back on to keep us fulfilled until summer.  From our visit with Joel's brother Seth to our waterpark adventure, it's been a great spring break, and I have no regrets.

But does this look like a waterslide to you?


  1. Fun! We've never been there but I think we must go some time! We took the girls last summer to the museum right there though.

    1. See, I'm in the opposite position-- I really want to take the kids to the museum but it never seems to happen! Is it appropriate for young kids?


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