Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I Was There

As a general rule, I try to share the major events and mundane details of our lives in chronological order, lest a random post about having a baby lead any of you to think I've been concealing a pregnancy and not just the over-sized belly of a mother of two.

But every once in awhile, time gets away from me and I simply forget to share a story because it gets bumped for an "ism", a tale about the horrors of parenthood or Cael's latest social offense.  But at the beginning of March, something shocking happened that I wouldn't believe if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

Graham got a haircut, and I WAS THERE.

I'll give you a moment to soak in that information.  It took me some time to absorb it myself, and I made sure to take copious amounts of photographic evidence so that I could remember this momentous event, just in case I never got to experience it again.

His haircut was pretty straightforward.  Hair grew too long.

Paper covered rock.  Drape covered Graham.

Water made hair wet.  Scissors cut hair. 

 Mommy stood so close that the camera got sprayed.  Stylist had to ask me to step back.  If Graham were twelve instead of two, he would have rolled his eyes at me.

Daddy and Cael looked on from the sidelines.  (See how generous and forgiving I am?  See it?)

Graham appeared to age by over a year.  I felt a little sad.

But I was there.

Now who's due for a trim?


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    1. Thanks! It was long enough ago that it's looking shaggy again! But not much has happened this week and I came across the pics!


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