Friday, March 9, 2012

Horror Stories

Let me tell you a story.

Or, to be more accurate, let Cael tell Graham a story.

At 3:25am.

When they're supposed to be asleep. 

"Graham.  Graham!  Graham, get up for this story!"


"Once about a time, there was a horse and a duck.  And the duck was purple with orange lines-- not stripes but kinda like stripes.  But not.  And the duck was eating fish and stuff and the horse said, 'I want to eat fish, too!'  So the horse got in the water and then a man shot the horse.  And there was blood everywhere and the horse had to get out of the water because it was bleeding and it was yucky for the duck.  And the duck was all red and then the horse was a bear and it chased the duck all over the lake because it wanted to eat the duck.  It was a mean bear.  And then the bear --RAWRRRRR!!!-- came after all of the people that were there because they were shooting at the bear. 

Bang!  Bang!  And then, RAWR! again in the water.  And then the bear was in here in our room while I was playing and you were sleeping and the bear and a dragon tried to eat you and you cried a long time and Mommy didn't come because she was on the phone and Daddy was at work, so the dragon and the bear ate you!  And Barker.  And Bear.  And Cheeky Monkey."

Stunned silence. 

"Ugh.  You're gonna get in trouble, Graham.  You're supposed to be sleeping.  Be quiet!  Go to bed!"

"Cheety Munty IS here!"

"No, he's not.  He's gone forever and he's never coming back.  Now go to bed!!  I love you, Graham."

"I wuv you too."


  1. OH MY GOODNESS that Cael has an amazing imagination. And poor Graham! The I love you's at the end were priceless, as was Cael telling Graham that he was going to be in trouble for being awake. Your kids crack me up!

    1. I know, right? I really wanted to get up and put an end to it, but I was practically catatonic with sleep so all I could do was listen!

  2. Haha...I can only imagine all the things Graham learns from big brother! :-)

    1. No kidding-- let's hope he has selective listening like his brother. And his Daddy.


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