Monday, March 12, 2012

Breaking for Spring

It's Spring Break!

And who needs Daytona Beach when you have sunshine...

Budding trees...

And a John Deere Gator recently released from the impound?

We're loving the time off and amazing weather (ahem, except for today) but more importantly, we're enjoying the opportunity to spend time as a family and welcome Joel's brother for a visit.  So in honor of Spring Break, I'm taking a couple of days off but will be back on Wednesday, likely with a report of how Cael managed to hogtie Uncle Seth and torture him for secrets. 

Watch your back, Seth.

Also make sure you tune in on Thursday, when my friend and fellow mom-blogger Courtenay will be guest-posting.  Courtenay was recently selected to be one of the "Real Moms of Eastern Iowa", a take on the Real Housewives television series but without all of the Botox.  When she's not being "real" she can be found posting on her own blog, so feel free to check her out and come back on Thursday to check her out!

I hope you enjoy the next two days as well, and I hope it's warm and sunny where you are.  But no matter the weather, I hope you have fun.

See you Wednesday!


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