Wednesday, July 24, 2013


This afternoon, my husband, my kids and my nephews are all headed out for a "man-camp", and my boys couldn't be more excited.  True, their real enthusiasm comes from the knowledge that when no women are present the rules are lax, and as the frequency of bathing goes down, the frequency of bodily functions seems to go up.

While he was packing up the gear this morning, Joel chatted with Graham about their plans for the trip.

"Graham, are you excited to go camping with the boys?" 


"And are you going to grill meat and cook over the fire?" 

"Yes!  And Daddy, I want to eat bikinis!"


"Yes, I love bikinis!  They are so good.  They taste so good."

"Wait, Graham-- bikinis?"

"Yeah, that green vegetable that we ate the other day at dinner."

"Oh, zucchini!"

So good luck, boys, roughing it tonight.  I wish you no mosquito bites, the freedom to scratch without persecution, and the most delicious bikinis in all the land. 

I'll be in the jacuzzi tub with a mojito.

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