Monday, July 1, 2013

Baseball Blues

Now that t-ball is over for the season, Cael has resorted to more inventive techniques for getting his baseball fix.

First he thought that watching baseball coverage on television would fill the void.  But after a brief SportsCenter update mentioned Albert Pujols, the activity quickly devolved into a potty talk extravaganza. 

"Where should I hit the ball, Cael?"

"Put it in your poo-hole, Graham!"

"That stinks, Cael!"

That obviously wasn't a great choice.  Instead, I encouraged him to go outside and play baseball himself.  But what began as a simple game of catch quickly devolved into target practice, with Graham playing the role of the target.

"I thought you were tough, Graham."

Getting desperate, I hopped on the bandwagon when Cael wanted to sing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game".  Sure, it seemed like an unlikely substitute for the game itself, but we'd exhausted our other options.

Only a few words in, however, and the song quickly devolved into something different altogether.

"Sing with me, Mommy!"

"Take me out to a baseball game,
Take me out to the crotch!
Buy me popcorn, peanuts and crapperjacks,
I don't care if Graham ever comes back!  Really, he can stay there forever, Mom!
So you should toot, toot, toot for the only team,
If they don't win it is a shame,
For it's ONE!  THREE!  NINETEEN! strikes and that's all you get
At the baseball game!"

So... who is ready to start a July-August t-ball league?

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