Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Coming Attractions

Happy Monday!

Wait, what-- it's Tuesday?  Very sorry.  On Sunday I was stricken with either a barely tolerable migraine or the worst plain ol' headache I've ever had, which kept me in a nearly-delirious haze until this very morning... whatever day this is.  Sorry for the absence.

Cael's first movie, 2010.
It's too bad, because there is just a handful of days left before my kids return to school, and there were so many other things I'd rather be doing in the last few weeks of summer.  I'd wanted to go mini-golfing with my nephews.  I'd wanted to visit Adventureland, our local amusement park.  And likely the most achievable activity, I'd wanted to go see a movie.

Even though that might have been the easiest option, there are very few movies in theaters today that resonate with me.  I don't plan to fight zombies; I have enough battles with my five year-old.  Although Graham moves at the speed of smell when I ask him to complete a task, I'd hardly describe him as a computer-generated snail.  And as much as he fancies himself a superhero, Cael is no man of steel.

Sometimes I wish one of the big production companies would come out with a movie that truly shows what daily life is like with a house of full of kids and a grating migraine.

But then again, if you want something done right, you often have to do it yourself.

Not even popcorn or Excedrin Migraine will help you now...


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