Monday, July 8, 2013

Everything Goes!

"Why are we having a garage sale, Mommy?"

"Because we have so much stuff that we aren't using.  I'm excited to make some room in the house after these things are gone."

"What things?"

"Well, a lot of it is clothing that you and Cael can't fit into anymore.  But I'm also selling some kitchen things, some decorations, old toys, lots of bags and shoes, and Amy has a lot of things to sell, too."

"But I don't get it."

"What don't you get?"

"Why are we having a garage sale?"

"I already told you, Graham.  We need to get rid of some things."

"But how?"

"I'm not sure what part of this is confusing to you.  We take the things we don't need anymore, put a price on them, and then people come to the garage sale and see if they want any of our stuff.  That's all there is to it!"

"But Mommy, we still need the garage!"

Apparantely my sensitivity has already been sold.


  1. Awe!! So funny! Sounds like something my daughter would say. I'm just now getting back into my blog after a LONG hiatus and I remember loving to read about your boys. They have gotten so big! :)

  2. LOL....too funny! I've never had a garage sale---good luck!


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