Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ism of the Week

During a lunchtime conversation with our neighbor boy this week, Cael shocked me with not only his randomness, but his geographical prowess.

"Cael, I went camping with my family the other day and we were really, really, far away from here," the boy said.

"Like on a mountain?  Or a volcano?  Or with an elephant?"

"No, Cael.  Far away like where we  go for a derby."

"That IS really far away.  Farther than a mountain."

"How do you know that, Cael?"  I had to ask, curious about how he'd know where our neighbors went for a derby race.

"Come on, guys.  Derby?  That's all the way in England!"

In an unrelated note, Cael will be filing next year's taxes and unveiling a new jobs package to Congress this fall.

* Wish us well this weekend as we try to pawn off our excess stuff on unsuspecting thrifters in our area have a garage sale.    You can blame any blogging interruptions on the compulsive pricing that has taken up much of my week, but you can also hope that it will provide some website fodder. 

But not too much.

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