Friday, December 14, 2012

Thoughts and Prayers

Instead of the pithy story I'd planned to share about my failed attempts at speaking in code around my children, whose ears are finely tuned to hushed tones, I simply want to say that my heart is breaking for the families of the children who were lost in the latest school shooting.

Since we won't ever know "why", nor would any explanation provide justification for something so horrific, the best thing we can do is to hug our own children and find comfort in their warm hugs, sticky smiles and even in their mistakes.  As someone who has devoted my own corner of the internet to documenting the bumps in the road of parenting, I know that even the greatest trials my boys present are blessings that I would give my own life to protect. 

Give an extra hug to your kids tonight-- even if they squirm away. 

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  1. Oh Mary! I was crying when I read about it! Still feel so devastated! Even though I am living so far away my heart and prayers are with all of the mothers who lost their children.


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