Friday, December 21, 2012

Ism of the Week

Yesterday's mega-blizzard has come and gone, leaving us with a healthy helping of fluffy white snow and questionable internet service.  But being the native Iowans that we are (well, except Joel, but he's assimilated pretty well) we weren't about to let a little snow and a little wind keep us from living our lives.  So last night, as we piled into the car to traverse the slippery streets to eat dinner at my sister's house, Cael and Graham stared in awe at the white-out conditions and barely visible twinkling Christmas lights.

"Mommy, wouldn't it be cool if the snowflakes were yellow instead of white?  That would be so much prettier."

"No, Cael!  They should be purple!"

"Okay, now, boys.  We need it to be quiet so that Daddy can concentrate on driving.  Plus, Cael, I think the fresh white snow is perfect when it's white."

"Or it could be green!  Or orange!"

"That would look silly falling from the sky."

"You know what would look really crazy?  Blue snow!"

"That would be silly.  But it would be better than orange snow."

"No, blue is the craziest.  That would almost look like water falling from the sky.  But colder!  Like frozen water falling from the sky.  Haha!"

I guess fact really is "crazier" than fiction. 

Stay warm, everyone, and have a wonderful weekend!

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