Friday, June 8, 2012

Snakes, Worms and Catterpitters

"Mommy, there's a snake in the tree!"



"See it?  There's a long, hairy snake on this tree!  Come here quick!"

"Oh, honey, that's not a snake, it's just a bug."

"Is it a worm?"

"Nope, it's a caterpillar."

"What's a catterpitter?"


"This is what a butterfly or a moth looks like before it grows its pretty wings."

"Does it grow wings like I grow toenails?"

"Nope.  It builds a little house on a tree called a cocoon, and it stays tucked inside until it has turned into a butterfly."

"How does it get out?  Does it break its house like this?  ERRRRGH!"  Cael grimaced and shook with force as he showed me his strength.


"Something like that.  But these are nice bugs, they don't bite or sting.  Do you want to touch him?"


"Nope, he looks yucky."

"Okay, you don't have to touch him.  I don't think he's a very fancy caterpillar anyway.  He won't be one of those pretty orange butterflies-- I think he'll probably just turn into a moth."

"Oh.  Let's let him go, then."

"Okay.  Should we name him before we set him loose?"

"Yes.  I'm going to name him Hexagon."


"Hexagon?  That's kind of a weird name!"

"It's better than catterpitter!"

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  1. Just started reading your blog, but I will be back to read more just because of that Hawkeye shirt!!!! Are you an Iowan??? Grew up there and somehow landed myself in NJ---so l love finding Iowa connections!


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