Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Graham's Ark

Joel and I have recently been a part of a new ministry in our town, (check it out!) and with all of the preparation involved, we've had a lot of religious conversations with the boys.  But when your kids are only six and four, it is hard to know how much and how well they are absorbing the information. 

Cael, for his part, stages epic battles between his Pokemon cards and Jesus, and although I find the scenario ridiculous, I am relieved to see Jesus come out ahead of Pikachu every time.  Graham, however, remains quiet about most things.  He saves up his energy and introspection until he lets it all out in one grand display.

That's why I choose to believe that his latest escapade was not mischief, but a faithful demonstration of Noah's Great Flood.

On Monday, while I was putting one of my day care children down for a nap, Graham and another devout disciple (the older brother of the child I was helping) decided to test the seaworthiness of my basement by filling every chalice-like item they could find with water from the toilet and sink and began baptizing the room.

Now if you've been following my blog for a while, you know that my basement is no stranger to invading waters, but never before have those waters covered not just the floor, but also the furniture, walls, toys, soaked the mattresses and bedsheets, television and remotes, every paper product on my bookshelf, my computer, two printers, my keyboard, mouse, digital cameras, a host of cables, all of the Christmas decorations in my storage room, photos on the walls, the windows, my husband's guitars, much of the clothing in the closets, a CD player and lamp, and likely many more things that I've yet to discover.

Come on, Graham.  Thou shalt not flood my stuff.

Understandably, I think, I freaked out and spent well over an hour using already damp towels to soak up as much water as possible, but still had to set up fans and pull back cushions to draw out the moisture.  A brief survey of the flood zone last night revealed that the Dish Network-owned remote, one lamp, 14 battery-operated toys, my Apple bluetooth keyboard, all of the aforementioned paper goods (including my childhood photo albums) and my Canon photo printer have all moved on to a better place.  A drier place, at least.

Graham is busy learning from this as he marches his freshly laundered stuffed animals into the closet, two by two.  I am busy learning a few phrases in Aramaic, like "don't move a muscle" and "back away from the toilet".

So, to my dearly departed electronics and lost items, peace be with you.

(Today's post has no photos as I am afraid to bring any of my still-working electronics into the flood zone.  Please also forgive my late posting as this story could not be shared until I had purchased a replacement keyboard.  Isn't parenting home ownership great?)

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