Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Photo Journalism

Things have been uncharacteristically drama-free around here lately, and I'm certainly grateful for the break from malfunctioning appliances and persistent snowstorms.  Instead, I've been devoting the majority of my free time to setting up the nursery, weeding through old baby clothes, wondering what I was thinking when buying certain unattractive baby clothes, trying to pawn off said baby clothes on unsuspecting consignment store employees, and spending unnecessary funds on some new baby clothes.

And no, I don't need them, but hello- whales?  I think so.

Photo credit and items available here.

With that and multiple other projects gearing up, I have found myself in need of ways to keep the kids happy for stretches of time when outdoor play isn't an option.  And although I am not an advocate for hypnotizing children with television and video games, I am an advocate for my personal sanity, so there are times when the iPad comes out.

I spent a great deal of time organizing it so that all of the utilities and setting apps were hidden, while only basic games were accessible to them.  And it only took about 20 minutes before Cael had discovered the App Store, dissected the system and assessed any potential purchases he wanted me to make, and waited until someone entered the iTunes password into their phone to go on a buying spree that ended up costing my Dad $10.00.

Graham, on the other hand, was equally sneaky, finding the iPad's Photobooth app and taking what, when I first made the discovery, were incredibly cute, Graham-centric photos before going to on play Sonic for half an hour.  Loudly.

With no harm done and no funds stolen, I figured I could let him snap a few distorted photos on my personal iPad before school last week. 

But if I thought his willpower was greater than Cael's, I was mistaken.  After having not used my iPad at all yesterday but leaving it awake in my alarm clock app, I turned it on today and made a questionable discovery.

Perhaps it was the shock of knowing he'd been using it without permission.  Or maybe even the shock of realizing even the littlest Foreman boy was not immune from Apple's addictive properties.  But no, I really think it was the shock of the shockingly bizarre photos he took.

Looks like it's back to crayons and paper for these two.

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