Thursday, April 17, 2014

Which Came First?

I've spoken at length about how at one minute, my boys shock me with one identical look that reminds me just how alike they are, and promptly respond by acting so very differently that it is hard to believe they are related.

Is this how all brothers are?  Is one always introspective while one is zany?  Is one more affectionate while the other is combative? 

Is one always constructing an effigy mound of every piece of clothing in the bedroom while the other is complimenting my hair?

That's the way things operate in our home, and it amazes me how two boys, born of the same parents and raised in identical environments can come out with such equally different and utterly bizarre personalities.  And I majored in Psychology.

A recent school project of Cael's really brought this to light when he was asked to find something for sharing (show and tell) that would fit inside a plastic Easter-style egg.  Before he'd even arrived home, and despite having a 3-day weekend to make a decision, Cael had all the answers.

"Mom, look at this.  I have to put something in this little green egg for sharing, and I have this brown rock!  It's heavy and it probably came from a volcano or something.  And it's kinda dirty and isn't really very cool, but I'm gonna take it.  It smells weird too, like an animal pooped on it.  Maybe it's actually poop, and that would be really cool.  Like super hard rock-poop.  Volcano rock-poop."

"Um, Cael, you have several days to figure this one out, so let's look around the house and see what you can find that would fit.  I'm not crazy about you bringing volcano rock-poop to school."

I was frantically trying to come up with an alternative, because if you are trying to talk a six year-old out of something, specifically something involving poop, you'd better have a pretty outstanding alternative.

"You could put a key inside.  Or a folded up picture?  Let me think... a little ball, a seed, an acorn, a piece of food (mental note-- wash out plastic egg to avoid contamination with rock-poop), a pinecone or even something about the baby."

"Hmm, no."

My suggestions weren't "kid" enough, but Cael's heart was set on something I didn't agree with.  But who else could I ask?

"Hey Graham, what could Cael put in his green egg?"

"Ooh, Cael!  I know, I know!  Put a hug in it.  Or maybe you could sing the spaghetti song loud into the egg and then play it for your class.  Or color a picture of a rainbow like you did the other day and it will make everybody smile.  Or you could send my Puppy.  I love him but if you like him you could take him for the day.  I know he can fit if I squeeze him in--"

"--or maybe cookies for all of your friends.  Or me!  I could go to school with you!"

"Graham, none of those things will work!  You know you can't fit in my egg... you're way too big.  And none of the kids in my class will think that those things are cool."

My suggestions were lame, and I guess that Graham is just too soft-hearted, too different from his brother to relate. 

"Well then you should just bring some poop, Cael."

Welcome back, Graham.

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