Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Cost of Sickness

Basic digital alarm clock, shining brightly at 12:15am, 1:28am, 1:55am, 2:42am, 4:17am, 5:56am: $9.99

King-sized Target comforter, now covered in vomit:

Dry cleaning fee: $27.99

Children's Tylenol, clearly not digested: $5.99

Phone call to on-call doctor at midnight:  Free

Hearing your sick boy say, "I'm sick, Mommy.  Can I have a hug?  Your hugs make me feel better."


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  1. So sad. I hope he is ok. You have to love the extra snuggles you get when kids are sick. Especially if your boys are like mine and that is the only time they slow down!


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