Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Once again I find myself on the eve of Thanksgiving with a messy house, a major headache and no dishes prepared for the foodiest of all holidays which I am hosting tomorrow.  Last year, it was about this time that I had to bow out of the festivities for reasons I will not repeat until after midnight tomorrow for fear of jinxing myself.  (Check it out here if you are curious, but please knock on some wood for me while you're watching.)


Although I spent most of my morning making up new verses to "There's a Spider on Your Shoulder, On Your Shoulder" that found the spider inside socks, under the furniture and wreaking havoc among Cael's hair, I did find time to begin prepping the meals that I am responsible for preparing.  When I was done and Graham was off to bed for his nap, I thought it might be a good time to see just how well I'd prepared Cael to give thanks tomorrow.

I thought he did pretty well.  And if my luck extends from his gratefulness to our health and then to the success of tomorrow's dinner, I think the rest of the holiday season looks pretty good, too.


Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!  Here's hoping there's no spider on your turkey, on your turkey.

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