Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Who's on First?

"Mommy, do I have preschool tomorrow?"


"So I am going to preschool tomorrow?"

"Yes, Cael."

"Yes, Mommy?"


"I just want to know if there is preschool."

"Cael!  You have preschool tomorrow morning."

"Okay.  But is it tomorrow?"

"Yes.  Tomorrow morning."

"What is tomorrow morning?"


"I get to go to preschool tomorrow morning?"

"Oh my gosh!  Yes, Cael, you go to preschool tomorrow morning."

"Yea!  I get to go to preschool tomorrow!  What time is preschool?"

"It starts at 8:30."

"Is that tomorrow?"

"Yes.  8:30 tomorrow morning."

"When does Bampa get here?"  (Joel's Dad will be arriving for a visit in the afternoon.)

"He comes after your nap."

"But I wanted to go to preschool!"

"You will, honey.  Preschool is in the morning."

"Tomorrow morning?"


"But I'm gonna miss Bampa!"

"No, you won't.  He comes later in the day."

"Which day?"


"While I'm at preschool?"

"Cael, I'm going to say this once, so I want you to listen REALLY carefully.  Okay?"


"Tomorrow morning you are going to wake up, get dressed, brush your teeth and eat some breakfast."

"--and go potty!"

"Yes, and go potty.  We will get in the car and go to preschool.  When preschool is done, we will come home and play for a little bit and then it will be time for lunch.  After lunch it will be naptime, and hopefully you will sleep.  When you wake up from your nap, it will be time to go pick up Bampa from the airport.  Do you understand?"

"Yes.  We do that stuff tomorrow?"





  1. I had to laugh at this- because it wasn't happening to me! This type of conversation with my boys drives me insane!!

  2. Lori- I know! His persistence and stamina are endless, too, so if I don't cut it off, it goes on all day!


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