Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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Morning good!

No, I'm not channeling my inner Yoda.  In fact, I'm channeling my inner Cael, an even stranger character with speech equally as mismatched and slightly better hair. 

Lately Cael has been inverting some of his words, a phenomenon that I'm not blaming on dyslexia or any permanent cause, but rather the result of not thinking and overall weirdness.  For example, Cael is constantly asking me for a "scratch back" (seriously, constantly) and will adamantly refuse any offers for the more traditional "back scratch".  Even as I sat on the couch with him before bed, enjoying a late-night episode of Curious George, he offered to give me a "rub back" in exchange for 15 more minutes to stay up before being sentenced to bed for the night.

Way no.

In fact, I've noticed more and more of these strange inversions in his speech lately as his vocabulary grows and he learns how to articulate the thoughts his rapidly expanding brain puts forth.

"Mommy, can we buy some more of those 'tart-pops'?"

"Do you mean 'Pop-Tarts'?  Maybe sometime.  They taste good but they're not the healthiest breakfast."

"Oh.  But you let me have doughnuts and those aren't healthy!"

Bad my.

It seems that on an almost daily basis, my eldest is pulling a switch-a-roo, putting his shirts on backward or his underpants on inside out.  Even Graham gets in on the action when he is not already occupied by Mouse Mickey or his compulsive suck-thumbing.  Anytime we find ourselves in the window seat of a restaurant, Graham makes quick work of reading the letters despite the fact that they are inverted.

"C-R-A-P, Momma!"

"Ugh, no, that "r" is actually an "n".  The whole word is "Pancheros".

I'm not too worried, though.  Two years ago, when I was still wet behind the ears and a little naive to what was to come, I might have been concerned.  In fact, I probably would have called all of the leading experts in dyslexia and called a conference to be held, complete with comprehensive testing for Cael and Graham, who I would have almost certainly introduced as each other.  I think I have whatever they've got.

But today, inverted words and jumbled underpants are low on my priority list.  My bigger concerns are that the boys get to eat three meals a day, that those foods don't all come from a cellophane bag, that no one pulls any large furniture over on themselves, or that no one falls head first into the toilet. 

If those objectives are met, I can tolerate some reversals here or there, provided that Cael doesn't introduce me as his father and Joel as his mother.

That would really buff my busters.  Or something like that.


  1. As usual, loving the blogging and the last pic of Cael and Graham is CUTE SOOOO!!!

    1. Thanks, Shaz! We love an impromptu photo session!


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