Thursday, January 5, 2012

Caelism of the Day

I've mentioned before that baseball is a way of life in our family.  And it's not that we play it relentlessly, or that we can afford to travel around the country supporting our team, but it's more that our children are obsessive little idea leeches and cling to anything we mention tighter than Gorilla glue.

Knowing that Daddy was a baseball pitcher, and with renewed interest thanks to the Cardinals' World Series win, Cael has been a jabberbox full of baseball terminology and trash talk.  While eating lunch over Christmas break, Cael took advantage of a brief lull in the conversation to share his two cents.



"I don't like those stinky 'boo Cubs'."

"I don't either."

"Daddy?  I want to go to a baseball game."

"That would be fun."

"I want to take those stinky Cubs and throw them away."

"That's funny, Cael."

"I want to put them in a garbage can because they are stinky, Daddy."

"Yeah, good idea."

"And then I want to put tape on that garbage can so the stinky Cubs can't get out."

"Wow, you really don't like the Cubs, huh?"

"No I don't.  They are very stinky, you know."

See what I mean?  Gorilla glue. 

It's dangerous around here to be a Cubs fan.  Go Cardinals!

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