Monday, January 16, 2012

Caelism of the Day

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!  Normally I don't post on holidays, but since Friday found me huddled and cursing in a corner whilst suffering through stomach flu, I thought I'd post today in the interest of fairness.  Dr. King would be so proud of me.

Before I got hit by the flu faster and harder than Cael's preschool teachers would like to hit the bottle, we spent several days enjoying Bampa's company and basking in the bright, white glow of the season's first real snowfall. 

Cael was delighted when he awoke Thursday morning to a winter wonderland, and even more delighted as we drive to preschool-- me, bundled up like a polar bear and Cael donning his winter gear and new boots.

"Mommy!  I didn't know that Jesus wanted it to snow!"

"Well I'm not sure that Jesus controls the weather every day, but he probably could if he wanted." 

"No, Mommy.  He DID make it snow today.  And I like the snow, but I want to play with my tractor outside like I did the other day."

"That was fun, but that was really unusual that it was so warm in January.  We still have a few months of cold weather before we can do that again." 

"I think I'm gonna ask Jesus to make it warm again."

"You can ask, but I don't think Jesus can do that.  Winter is important, too."

"No, Mommy.  Jesus WILL do it.  He seems like a really nice guy."

"I'm sure he is."

Nice of him to invent stomach flu, however.

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