Friday, January 27, 2012

Virtual Facelift

Notice anything different?

Unless this is your first visit to the ol' blog, you might have noticed that things are changing in my little corner of cyberspace.  For some time I had been wanting to update my header photos since they are almost a year old and, no matter how much I tape them down or refuse to feed them healthy foods, my boys are continuing to grow and change.

As long the photos were getting a facelift, I thought the blog itself might be ready to grow and change.  I know that much hasn't changed yet aside from a few new pages for you to check out, but you should know that I do have some good ideas in mind. 

And they didn't come from Cael.  

Well, most of them.

So I hope you'll be patient with me this weekend as I tweak and play with the site.  And if you have any suggestions of things you'd like to see me incorporate into the blog, please leave a comment!  As much as he may claim to be, neither Cael (nor I) are mind readers.

Or hyenas.  He wanted to make sure I cleared that up.

Have a great weekend, friends.  I hope that your days are half as happy as these two.

But way less smelly.  You know, for your own sake.


  1. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the title was "OH Snap! Iv already posted about it in the previous post!"
    Beleive it or not it took me ten mins to come up with that one-liner. :)
    Oh and the last photo of Cael and Graham is simply too cute for words!
    Hope you have a great weekend too!

    1. I thought they were cute too. I'm glad you like the new look!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I like the black and blue better than my old scheme. It's more "me"!


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