Monday, November 21, 2011


I'm recovering from four days of single-parentdom while Joel was at the Iowa All-State festival, and being the glutton for punishment I am, I can't simply enjoy my alone time but rather seek out daunting organizational tasks to accomplish during his absence.  After a complete closet overhaul, gift-wrapping extravaganza and checking 14 "to dos" off my list, I was left with about 4 hours of sleep each night before two wily little boys woke me much too early each morning.

And it was at that exact time that they decided to gang up on me.  Early Saturday morning, Cael was awake before the sun and demanded to watch one very specific, elusive episode of Curious George, forcing me to scour the Netflix search box for the time when George "did stuff to that traffic light".  Once I found what I was confident was the correct show, I grabbed a very whiny two year-old and tossed him into my bed to doze for a few more minutes while he was glued to "Toy Story 3".

On a Saturday morning, this system can buy me 30-40 minutes; minutes that are very precious when you have gone to bed at 2:15am and are being awakened at 5:47am.  But on Saturday, my boys would have none of it.

"Mommy, this isn't the right George!"

"I'm sorry, honey. I don't know which one it is, then.  You'll have to pick one out for yourself."

"You come downstairs and help me!"

"I already did that, Cael, and I couldn't find the right one for you."

"Maybe if you put your glasses on you would see better." 

That was either really wise, or really snotty.  I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.

"I will do that in a little bit.  Graham and I are watching Toy Story."

"Graham wants you to get up, too.  Right Graham?"

"Up, Mama!" added Graham.

"Come on, boys, let's all snuggle in here and watch this movie." 

"I don't want to snuggle you because your hair is all messy and it is itchy on my face."

"Well, that's how my hair looks after I've slept on it."

"It doesn't look good, Mommy."

"Thanks, Cael."

"Bad har, Mama!"

"Thanks, Graham."

"See?  If you can't see and your hair looks bad you should just get up."

"Up, Mama!" 

"See?  You do that now.  Time to get up." 

Time for a "Mutiny" chapter in "What to Expect When You're Expecting"...


  1. LOL :-)

    That reminds me of the time Raya started chanting for "choo choo soul", which is a little song and dance they sometimes play after mickey mouse clubhouse. She knew that one of our 1 million dvr'd mickeys had that stupid dance at the end, and I spent 30 minutes looking through them all until I found it!


  2. Bahaha! This reminds me so much of Kaylee. My mornings consist of her naming reasons why I should get up. I tell her to come lay with me til Peyton wakes up. As soon as she lays down, of course Peyton wakes up.. and she says 'NOW, you have to get up.' Stinkers. I think siblings have like ESP or something when it comes to waking up. ;)

  3. Shawna- I don't know how, but they get SO attached to the littlest things! Just like that, Cael saw a picture of a train in an episode of Arthur, so now it is known as "the train Arthur" and I have to save it on the DVR for eternity, likely. Glad I'm not the only one!

  4. Amanda- Same thing here. Both of my kids wake up WAY too early, and Graham won't stay quiet in his room anymore- he yells nonstop until I come retrieve him!


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