Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I still can't believe that I started this blog only five month ago.  I remember writing the first post, clicking "publish", and wondering if my words would float lifelessly into the oblivion or find their way to someone's computer screen.

I think I'm still somewhere in the middle.

And blogging is kinda hard, y'all.  Some days I don't have much to say, and with a modest number of followers it is difficult to motivate myself to keep things fresh and put effort into my little corner of internet real estate.

But a few days ago, a friend gave me a little boost in the form of the Liebster blog award.

Isn't it cute?  I must give a shout-out to Courtenay, who bestowed this award upon me during the few moments of down time her son, daughter (Cael's age) and twin baby girls have alloted for her.  Courtenay and I are former co-workers from a few years ago when I rocked the Study Abroad office at my alma mater.  She always has a witty commentary on living in the country with her husband, kids and gaggle of animals.

What's cool about this particular award is that it is only given to blogs with fewer than 200 followers so that those of us who aren't rolling in the dough from booming blogs can receive (and give) a little love ourselves.  So thanks again, Courtenay, and I'm happy to return the favor!

The blogs I've chosen had to fit this criteria, forcing me to do a bit of internet searching to see who fit and who was too popular to sit with me in the lunchroom had too many followers to be eligible for this particular honor.  Or those people that I thought might not appreciate me blasting their business all over the internet.  

So come on over, ladies and claim your prize!  But remember that you've got to pass it on, or I'll come after you faster than Cael chasing a train. 

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - This blog is written by my friend Shawna, a fellow Iowa mama who splits her time between chasing her two gorgeous little girls and stitching up amazing kids' clothing through her Etsy shop, No Paparazzi Please.

See Kayla Run - Kayla was the admissions counselor at the above mentioned college and was almost solely responsible for the infamous meeting that brought Joel and I together.  After an amazing weight loss, she has taken to running like a fish to water... or a sneaker to pavement.

The Daily Dakin - Devon is an amazing mama to her little superhero, Dakin.  I met Devon in an online parenting forum and all of us have maintained friendships ever since.  Dakin was diagnosed with SMARD (Spinal Muscular Atrophy with Respiratory Distress) but despite his physical limitations, he has grown to be a bright, BEAUTIFUL and happy little boy, all thanks to Devon.

Moments - Moments is the photo blog that accompanies the photography business of another Cornell grad, Robyn.  From a move to Boston and back, she's built a thriving photography business, and her blog features her beautiful pictures and fun commentary on her life and her photographs.  (This one may be cheating a little... I couldn't find a follower count on the blog, but her Facebook page has a heckuvalot of "likes" so we'll let her slide right in...)

So there you go!

What?  That was only four blogs?  Well, I have my reasons.  Mainly that the blogs I read are either superfamous blogs like Young House Love or Smitten Kitchen or they are the blogs of close friends that seemed a little more personal and a little less public.  So four it is... for now.  I am reserving the right to dole out that fourth and final award whenever I see fit!

So here's to you, ladies!  And here are your instructions.

1. Copy the award to your blog.
2. Thank the giver and link back to their blog.
3. Reveal your top five up-and-coming blogs, and let the bloggers know.
4. Spread the love!


  1. I love finding other Iowa bloggers! YAY!

  2. THanks so much Mary! I will definitely pass the blog love along. Can't wait to check out the blogs of some of your other picks too :-)


  3. Jenni- me too! I'm on a couple of lists but I wish there was a better way to get connected with everyone!

  4. Shawna- No problem! I figured that a little more exposure to your Etsy shop couldn't hurt, either!


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