Thursday, November 10, 2011

Caelism of the Day

This morning started early with a trip to the vet to drop off Oscar for a day-long procedure.  (More about that coming soon.)  After a frantic drop-off, we made our way over to the church to deliver Cael to preschool by 8:30am.

We retrieved him at 11:00am and came home to play for a few minutes before beginning to prepare lunch, and it wasn't until that point that Cael truly realized the dog wasn't present.

"Mommy, where is Oscar?"

"Remember?  We dropped him off at the veterinarian."

"But where is he now?"

"He's still there."

"Is he coming back?"

"Yes, Cael.  He's just having the doctor look at his teeth and mouth."

"I guess he wasn't doing a good job brushing his teeth."

"I guess not.

"And maybe he should stop eating poop, too."

Good call, Cael.


  1. haha, i bursted out laughing when i read 'and maybe he should stop eating poop, too.' he is adorable! Both of your little guys are. I'm Amanda by the way! :)

  2. Amanda- Nice to meet you! I wish I could say that the poop comment came from left field, but sadly the dog has some issues... :)


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