Friday, November 18, 2011

Caelism of the Day

This morning started off like any other, with the boys eating breakfast and journeying to the basement to play, destroy things and let them take their imaginations to new and inexplicably weird places.

Today, it took us to the floor of a greasy garage, where Graham's car (aka the Cozy Coupe) had been having mechanical problems and Cael, with his abundant knowledge of automotive repair, grabbed his tools and dug right in.

"Oh, I think I see the problem."

I think I saw the problem too-- Cael the mechanic was attempting to fix the engine by adjusting the wheels with a tape measure.  I mean, I'm no expert, but it seems like his method would be more effective on the hem of a dress than a large-motored machine.

"This looks really bad, Graham!"

With his measuring tape in hand, Cael had undoubtedly uncovered some faulty hoses or a water pump that was past its prime.  But the next thing he said was the one that made me wondering if, while I'm fast asleep in my bed, Cael is sneaking from his room to watch premium cable by the glow of the television.

"This is gonna be really expensive, Graham.  I'm gonna take you for all you're worth!"

Maybe I don't need that oil change...


  1. LOL---I think he would fit right in with many mechanics I've visited :-P


  2. Shawna- No kidding! I think we can add "mechanic" to the list of possible future careers. So far on the list? Train Conductor, Lawyer and Felon.

  3. Oh those boys of yours get more adorable everyday!

  4. Pavi- Thanks! They certainly get more personality every day!


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