Monday, November 7, 2011

Daylight Losing Time

Sunday morning marked the start of Daylight Savings Time.  Or the end.  I never know which.  And, as I learned this morning, we use a different saying to remember how to change our clocks.

Spring Forward, Fall-Into-a-Coma-From-an-Ankle-to-the-Side-of-the-Head. 

Honestly, I'd prefer to lose the hour.

"Hey Mommy.  I want to watch 'Polar Express'."

"Ugh, Cael.  I'm still sleeping."

"Can you put on my movie?"

Every morning we go through this routine, and every morning I wonder why I don't just put the kabash on the movies.  Part of the problem is that our old solution for our early bird was to allow him to watch "Thomas the Train" from our streaming Netflix, which would have been fine if not for the fact that he was actually watching things like "Family Guy" and "Snakes on a Plane".

"Mommeeeeeey!  'Polar Express'!"

"Fine, get in."

WHAM... to the side of the head.  After the stars I was seeing dissipated, I went through the motions of turning on Cael's movie.

Find remote.  Find other remote.  Turn TV on.  Turn DVD player on.  Change TV input to "video".  Turn volume waaay down.  Hit "menu" on DVD remote.  Accidentally turn off TV because it's so dark.  Turn TV back on.  Go to "scene selection" and cue up Polar Express to the scene right before the train comes because the beginning is too quiet and boring for Cael's nonstop brain.  Collapse.


"What, Cael?  I want to go back to sleep."

"I think I want to watch 'Tangled' instead."

"No, you watch what I put on for you." 

"I don't want to watch 'Polar Express'!  I want to watch 'Tangled'!"  (Insert furious leg kicking.)

Normally I don't give in.  Really, I don't.  But at six in the morning when I'm still somewhat drugged up on cold medicine, my resolve isn't quite so strong.

"If I put on 'Tangled', will you promise to watch it quietly?"

"Yep.  'Tangled'!!"

Find remote.  Find other remote.  Change TV input to "HDMI".  Turn volume back up.  Hit "menu" on TV remote.  Accidentally turn off TV because it's so dark.  Turn TV back on.  Go to "TV on demand" and hit the 30 second button seven times for the title screen of "Tangled".  Collapse.



"I don't like the part where the mean old lady takes the baby you know the mean old lady the one with the black hair but sometimes it's gray hair but then she takes that plant and then it's black again.  That lady.  You know the lady?  I want you to skip that part because I don't like that mean old lady and I think she's scary when she takes the baby.  You know that lady, Mommy?"

"I know the lady, Cael." 

Find remote.  Find other remote.  Hit the 30 second button five or six times before realizing I've hit the volume button until the sound is so loud that it wakes the cat.  Cat bites my toes.  Turn volume down.  Fast forward to beyond the point when the mean old lady takes the baby.  Collapse. 


"Oh my gosh, Cael.  You have to be quiet.  It's only 6:00 am and..."

I. forgot. to. change. my. clock. and. it's. FIVE. IN. THE. MORNING. 

Again I say, I'd rather lose the hour.


  1. LOL. Yeah, whoever invented this stupid daylight savings time didn't have children. My mornings have been starting waaaaay too early!


  2. Me too! I have not gotten an extra hour any night since the switch. Totally not worth it! :)

  3. I got all those books at that place over by david's bridal/ Michaels/ etc. And when I was checking out they asked me if I wanted to go through the big box of christmas books that they hadn't had time to put out yet, so I'm thinking there are plenty more there! :-) I just went through and grabbed a bunch of the $2 and less ones b/c I'm cheap and Raya isn't picky about her plot lines lol



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