Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Say What?

I think we may have a bit of speech therapy in our future.  Graham, who is scarily smart and already beginning reading skills, is still having a hard time making certain consonant sounds.  At his age, Cael followed a similar pattern, but by the time he was four he had realized that the letter "R" shouldn't sounds like "W". (Check out the video below to hear his unique pronunciation.)

The problem is that we are so used to Graham's linguistic quirks that I hardly notice his mistakes anymore.  When he replaces the "G" sound with a "D", some part of my brain knows it is incorrect, but the other part simply giggles (or diddles) at my son pronouncing his own name as "Dram".  Similarly, because "C" and "K" sound like "T", our older son is "Tail" rather than "Cael", and I coudn't have chosen a more appropriate or humorous nickname for him myself.

But I've noticed lately that Dram has been replacing his trouble letters with other unrelated ones that don't follow his typical pattern.  The first time I heard him refer to a baby I watch as "Helen" rather than "Kellen", we got a chuckle out of it until Tail alerted me to the fact that his brother has been starting many more of his words with the letter "H".

"Mom, he does that a lot.  When I talk to him, lots of his words start with "H".  Stuff like 'hat' and 'house' and 'hammer'."

I think I am going to do some calling this week to gather some information about speech therapy for Graham.

And maybe some listening therapy for Cael.

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