Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Random Facts of Information

If you are on Facebook, you have probably seen the timelines of your friends inundated with the "Random Facts" challenge.  A friend lists facts about themselves, and if you "like" their post, you get assigned a number, and you are encouraged to list that many obscure facts about yourself as well.

At the time when I "liked" the posts of three of my friends, however, I didn't realize that I was getting myself involved.  So in the course of one afternoon, I was messaged that I received a six and two sevens. 

You want thingamabobs?  I've got twenty.

1.  Since becoming pregnant, I cannot eat mushrooms of any kind.  My stomach simply won't allow it, even though portobellos were a favorite of mine before.

2.  I have a serious phobia of any insect in the bee family.  I have never been stung, which I credit to my rapid flight instinct when one of those striped terrorists are around.  Once, while working at my high school job as a cashier at Walgreens, our automatic door got stuck open and several wasps from a nearby hive made it in the store.  When I saw one land on my shoulder, I fainted in the middle of scanning a woman's purchases.

3.  I am hopelessly addicted to nail polish.  I have dozen of bottles, and during the summer, I will remove and repaint my nails nearly every day.

4.  I believe that there are three foods worth eating even to the point of sickness:  Thanksgiving stuffing, fresh crab, and sautéed morel mushrooms.

5.  When I was twelve years old, I was home alone before school when a severe windstorm knocked a massive oak tree over onto my house.  There was a huge crack in the ceiling above my head, and the tree punched through the wall in my bedroom.

6.  Joel and I met at college before classes even started, and dated until December of our freshman year.  At that time, thanks to my 18 year old self likely being a bit clingy, he broke up with me.  The following March, he asked me to take him back and I responded with a prepared list of "The Reasons Why You And I Will NEVER Work."  Guess the joke was on me.

7.  Contrary to what many people think about me, I am very introverted.  I crave time alone, and sometimes find it difficult to fake interest in conversations, especially with people I don't know very closely.

8.  I am categorically against Kindles, Nooks or any other e-reader.  I love my iPad, but I feel that reading a book is an experience, and I am unwilling to give up the smell of the paper, or the sound the pages make as they turn.

9.  I had heart surgery when I was 16 years old.

10.  I have seen every episode of Whose Line is it Anyway? from all three incarnations of the show, and can quote entire episodes of the US version with Drew Carey.

11.  When Cael was a baby, I made all of his baby food myself.  While cutting a butternut squash to bake for him, I put my brand new Kitchen Aid chef's knife through my left hand.  I still have nerve damage and limited motion because of the incident.

12.  I am not a natural redhead.  I was instructed to dye my hair red for a high school musical and never went back.

13.  My dream job is to have either my own restaurant or a syndicated newspaper/magazine column.

14.  Other than Canada and the Bahamas, I have never left the United States.  I would love to visit France, Italy, Scotland or Spain before I die.

15.  I am a bit of a grammar Nazi.  While I make certain exceptions myself, like starting a sentence with, "and" or "but", I have no patience for people who say "I could care less".  Think about it, people.  That means you care.

16.  Born into a very musical family, I was always singing and performed in at least one vocal ensemble from when I was five until I graduated college.  It has been 8 years since I sang in a choir and I miss it terribly.

17.  I've lived my entire life in Iowa, but I have never touched a cow, horse, pig or chicken.

18.  When I was in elementary school, I was given a Styrofoam cup with one pumpkin seed in it as part of a Sunday school lesson.  After the plant had outgrown the cup, we planted it in a large pot, and eventually had to transplant it into our family's garden.  With the only available space being near the compost pile, my one pumpkin seed grew into over 30 pumpkins of varying sizes that supplied the neighborhood kids that fall.

19.  I have recurring dreams about my teeth falling out, or pulling them out myself.

20.  I talk to my dog like he is a human.  Whenever I leave the house for more than an hour, I explain to Oscar where I am going and when I plan to be back. 

...And that's twenty facts.  I did it!

I hope you're not bored to tears with that overload of information, because now it's your turn!  I'd love for you to comment below with something random about yourself so we can get to know each other better.  Ready, go!

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