Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ism of the Week

"Mom, what is stuffing?"

"Do you mean the filling inside a pillow, or the kind of stuffing that we eat at Thanksgiving?"

"The food kind."

"Oh, it's so good, and you've had it before.  Stuffing is small bread cubes that are seasoned and then cooked inside the turkey.  That's my favorite part of Thanksgiving."

"How do they get the bread inside the turkey?"

"Well, when you buy a turkey in the store, all of the insides have been taken out, so it is hollow."

"But do you put the stuffing in the turkey's mouth?"

"No, not exactly."

"Where, Mom?"

"It sort of goes in the other end of the turkey."

Stuffed turkey photo that I shamelessly stole from Google Images.
"So let me get this straight--" (Cael's new favorite line) "--you want me to eat pieces of bread that you put inside a dead, empty bird, through his butt?"

"Yeah, but try not to think of it that way."

"I don't think I can think about anything else."

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