Thursday, September 19, 2013


It's no secret that kids say the "darndest things".  Millions of dollars (and a substantial number of gray hairs) have been made on that very premise.  But as my boys expand their vocabulary and grasp of English, what continues to surprise me is how they view the rules of the English language as malleable, bending and stretching them to wish whatever nonsense they say into validity.

English is complex and fascinating just as it is, I wish they wouldn't mess with it.  My disdain for their gibberish is, like, totally ginormous.
Specifically, I've noticed lately that Cael and Graham can turn any word into a verb.  Whether they are "backyarding" or "Mickey Mousing", they get their point across very clearly by transforming the traditional person, place or thing into an action. 

Sometimes it is cute.

"Here you go, Mommy.  I arted this for you at school." 

Sometimes it is funny.

 "Where is Graham?

"He's downstairs underpantsing.  He's all underpantsed in Thomas the Train."

Sometimes it is just plain disturbing.

"I was hide-and-seeking you last night, Mom.  You didn't see me, and Daddy was snoring.  But I saw you.  And it was dark and quiet."

I think I might be nightmaring tonight.

If Cael's newfound writing and reading skills are any indication, their grammatical quirks should work themselves out after a few years of school.  And if not, they might just feel the pride of adding "naughtying" to the dictionary right alongside "selfie" and "twerk".


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