Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sibling Rivalry

Now that Graham and Cael are both in school, Cael has enjoyed nothing more than the knowledge that he is the big man on campus in the house.  Not only is he overjoyed to one-up his brother, but the mere fact that they are entering what I fear will be the first of many argumentative years, means that every one-upping discussion rapidly turns into a disagreement.

Our one saving grace, (coming unfortunately at Graham's expense) is that Cael is sly by nature while Graham is inherently trusting.  So over the last two weeks, I have noticed that most of their interactions sound like this: 

"Cael, guess what?  I have two teachers."

"I have WAY more teachers than that, because I'm in Kindergarten.  Not just baby preschool."

"I'm not a baby!  I'm a big boy and I know all of my letters."

"Well I know letters and numbers too, Graham.  And I know lots of things you don't know.  Do you want me to teach you something?"


"Okay, say this after I say it.  You're... a... butt... munch..."

"You're... a... butt... munch..."

"Good, Graham.  But say 'I'm' this time."

"I'm a butt munch."

"Haha, Graham is a butt munch!"

While I know for certain that the phrase was acquired at school, I wish I could make the same claim about his attitude.  Something happened over the summer, however, propelling him into that new phase of childhood where he finds himself to be the most brilliant, funniest and most attractive child in the building.  And while I wouldn't necessarily disagree, I want him to have a little humility to go along with all of his awesomeness.

Meanwhile, Graham is as accommodating as ever.  I'm sure when he hits six years old, I'll have the same complaint about his confidence, but for now I wish he'd stand up for himself a little better, even to his brother.  The world could certainly use a few more considerate gentlemen, but it shouldn't force him to be a doormat, either.

With both of their birthdays approaching, maybe this is a good time to make a goal.  Before their seventh and fifth respective birthdays, I hope that Cael and Graham can demonstrate a little personal growth.  I'm sure they can do it.  I know they will.

"Cael, do you want to play cars with me?"

"What should you call me, Graham?"

"I'm sorry.  Master, do you want to play cars with me?"

Better give them two years.

(It has been brought to my attention that my ambiguous pronouns might have made it sound as though my husband was the one who gave me the black eye I mentioned in yesterday's post.  To clarify, Cael was the {accidental} culprit.  No cause for concern here.)

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